We are just 4 short months away from year 2012, the year some says will be the end of the world. Whether or not you believe in 2012 prediction, a 2012 calendar can be quite handy in planning for holidays or task, or any preparation you feel is necessary.

For list of world public holidays corresponding to this 2012 calendar, check out public holidays 2012.

Here is a free 2012 calendar download, courtesy of publicholiday.org.

2012 calendar

Download Calendar 2012 / Kalender 2012
Below is the list of downloadable 2012 calender files from SGHoliday.com . Choose the one that is most suitable for your use.

2012 Calendar HTML (black and white)
2012 Calendar HTML (color)
2012 Calendar PDF (black and white)
2012 Calendar PDF (color)
2012 Calendar Image-PNG (black and white)
2012 Calendar Image-PNG (color)

Happy Holidays ! Enjoy your 2012 calender !

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