Africa Day – The United Moment of African Countries

Africa Day is held on May 25 in the African countries to commemorate the formation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 1963, known as African Union (AU) at present. African Union, covering 54 members of African states, is meant to face the troubles such as poverty, natural disasters, extreme weather, and armed conflict in Africa. The celebration of Africa Day itself acts as a reminder for the countries in Africa that they are not alone in dealing with the problems.

Flag of African Union

The Date of Africa Day 2013
When is Africa Day 2013? Africa Day 2013 falls on Saturday, 25 May 2013.

History of Africa Day

The establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) which became the beginning of Africa Day itself was caused by poor history of African countries. The history of many African countries was full of inhumane stories about slavery, rape, colonialism, and slaughters. For centuries, people in Africa struggled from the cruelty of people from the other continents who despised the African people only because of the color of their skin. The OAU was quite successful in promoting the unity of African states as well as in opposing all kinds of colonialism in Africa because some countries in Africa have not reached a full independence yet. Considering the successful of OAU, people in Africa celebrate the date of the OAU establishment every year, later known as the Africa Day.

Tradition of Africa Day

As a matter of fact, Africa Day is not only celebrated in the African countries but also in the Asian, European and American countries such as Kazakhstan, Ireland, Belgia, and New York. The festival usually takes place around May 25 for about 3 until 7 days. During the festival, many kinds of attractions including bazaar, traditional African performances, models showing African traditional clothes, and some kinds of speeches concerning the situation in the African states are organized. The celebration of Africa Day in many countries around the world shows the respect and acknowledgment from the other countries in the different continents to Africa. By celebrating this event, all countries in the world agree that African states deserve their independence, rights, and welfare.

For most countries in Africa, Africa Day symbolizes the moment when African people gain a much better life than before.

Happy Africa Day 2013 !