Agfest is an annual agricultural event in municipal area of Circular Head in Tasmania, Australia. Agfest is a movable event which is celebrated for three days on the first Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in May. People in Circular Head municipality observe Agfest as an annual public holiday.

When is Agfest 2014?
Agfest 2014 will be celebrated for three days from Thursday, 1 May 2014 until Saturday, 3 May 2014.

When is Agfest 2013?
Agfest 2013 will be celebrated for three days from Thursday, 2 May 2013 until Saturday, 4 May 2013.

History of Agfest
The inaugural Agfest was celebrated as a two-days event at Symmon Plains, Perth, Tasmania in May 1983. It became a three-days event in 1984, and the venue for Agfest was moved to the Oaks Road of Carrick in 1987 due to the popularity of the event and the growing number of visitors.

Since the first Agfest until currently, this annual agricultural event has been conducted by the Rural Youth Organization of Tasmania. The Friday of Agfest is now observed as a public holiday at the Circular Head of Tasmania.

Agfest Celebration
Agfest features many kinds of attractions, exhibitions and competitions related to agriculture. Some of them are dairy features, heritage display, four wheel drive track, sheep dog trials, and foods pavilion. This agricultural event can attract up to 70,000 visitors each year; thus, Agfest is known as the largest single event in Tasmania.

For people in the municipal area of Circular Head, the second day of Agfest is a public holiday when most businesses, government offices, schools, and banks are closed. Some people use the holiday to attend Agfest with their family or friends while some others prefer staying at home and attending the festival on the next Saturday. Since Agfest holiday creates a long week-end, many people also choose to have a vacation inside or outside Tasmania.

Happy Agfest 2014 !