Ascension Day 2013
Ascension Day is commemoration of the day when resurrected body of Jesus is believed to ascend to the heaven. It occurs 40 days after the Easter, the Jesus’ resurrection moment. For many countries, the Ascension Day is considered as a public holiday in which most offices and shops are closed. Ascension Day, also known as the Feast of Ascension and Father’s Day in Germany, is one of the major feasts for the Catholics around the world.

Ascension Day

When is Ascension Day 2013
Ascension Day 2013 falls on Thursday, 9 May 2013.

When is Ascension Day 2012
Ascension Day 2012 was celebrated on Thursday, 17 May 2012 while some dioceses in US celebrated it on Sunday, 20 May 2012.

Ascension Day 2013 History

Based on some accounts in Bible, on the 40th day after the resurrections, Jesus appeared to his disciples and instruct them the way to distribute his teachings. Then, Jesus brought the disciples to the Mount of Olives and told them to stay in Jerusalem. Soon, Jesus ascended to the sky to reach the heaven in front of all of the disciples, but as Jesus ascended to the heaven, two angels appeared and announce the disciples that Jesus would come back in majesty. The Ascension Day, symbolizing the end of the Easter, is usually held on Thursday, but some churches in the districts of US held it on Sunday.

Ascension Day 2013 Celebration

In some countries where Christians are the majority, people take a long weekend from Thursday until Sunday because many shops and offices are also closed on Friday. Even in Indonesia, the minor Christians country, the Ascension Day is considered as a public holiday, and the Christians have the church services all over the country. A different tradition caused by a superstition about hearing a cuckoo’s sound is held in Sweden during the Ascension Day. People in Sweden go to the woods very early in the morning to listen to birds’ sounds because they believe that they will be lucky if they can hear the cuckoo’s sound. Moreover, people in England associates the Ascension Day with certain kinds of water festivals and ‘beating the bound’ custom – a tradition of people to walk around the farms or churches and stop whenever they find trees or walls.

Happy Ascension Day 2013 !

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