Australia Day

Australia day is a national public holiday in Australia. It commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet – a fleet of 11 ships – at Sydney Cove as well as the declaration of the authorization of New Holland eastern seaboard by England in 1788. Formerly, Australia Day was known as Anniversary Day, Foundation Day, and ANA Day.

Australia Day 2014 Date
When is Australia Day 2014?
Australia Day 2014 will be celebrated on Sunday, 26 January 2014. Since Australia Day 2014 falls on Sunday, the public holiday will be substituted to Monday, 27 January 2014. Thus, each Australian state will have the same number of public holidays as the previous years.

Australia Day Controversy
Some groups of people in Australia, especially the Indigenous heritage ones, oppose the observance of Australia Day on 26 January. They even call the event as Invasion Day or Survival Day because the date marked the beginning of British colonialism to the Indigenous. Several efforts were made to move Australia Day observance to another date, yet, there was no enough support for the efforts.

Australia Day 2014 Celebration
Australia Day is considered as the largest annual public event in Australia because more than a quarter Australian population celebrate the event with family and friends. During Australia Day, most communities throughout Australia present concerts, festivals, fireworks, sports competitions, and many other interesting activities. Every year, international cricket match and various kinds of music festivals always enliven this historical event.

Although Australia Day is observed based on historical event, there is no historical theme in the celebration of Australia Day nowadays. There aren’t many solemn ceremonies or official speeches from the government embellishing the commemoration of Australia Day.

Wish You a Happy Australia Day 2014 !