As a country that lies on the entire continent, Australia is immensely wide and wonderful. Australia used to be secluded because of difficult access and a few flights can be taken to visit this country. However, the access towards Australia becomes easier since more and more people from many countries are attracted to observe this smallest continent in the world. Furthermore, plenty accommodations are prepared to ensure the amenities of the visitors while spending their time in Australia.

If you have no any idea which place to be visited first in Australia, try Perth as the first destination. The main attractions in this fourth largest city in Australia are beaches and Kangaroos. Beaches in Perth are gorgeous and famous as some best beaches in Australia, but most beaches have strict rules about how women get dressed. No topless is allowed in almost all beaches in Perth otherwise police will come and make you to pay the fine. The only beach in Perth allowing topless women to enjoy the beach is Swanbourne Clothing Optional Beach, the best choice for those who do not want to get dressed while sunbathing.

Swanbourne Beach

The next destination in Australia is Melbourne, a city full of royal accommodations, classical buildings, fabulous attractions, and many kinds of transportation. The hotels in Melbourne provide a complete package of facilities with reasonable room rates. Some hotels are simple yet elegant which provide only bedroom and breakfast to the visitors while some others are stunningly elegant completed with a place to see the scenery of the city from above. Looking for places of interest in Melbourne, the theaters, stadiums, museums, galleries, and gardens all await to be visited.

Then, one place should not be missed in Australia is of course Sydney. Sydney is an ideal place for couples wishing to get married or enjoy their honeymoon in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Sailing inside a ferry, riding a canoe, dining at the harbor, or viewing the landscape of the city from the top of tower are the most romantic things done by couples in Sydney. However, Sydney is not only suitable for couples’ vacation but also for families or backpackers.
Trip by Ferry in Sydney