Thailand is a country full of passion and modern lifestyle, yet people in Thailand are still very religious and friendly. Many tourists visit Thailand due to uncountable reasons e.g. the beaches, the affordable costs of everything, the nightlife, the cuisines, the people’s hospitality, and so on. In consideration for many places make people attract to visit in Thailand, backpacking becomes one popular choice among the visitors in Thailand. It saves much of the tourists’ budget, at the same time it gives the tourists freedom about where and when to go. Still, people need to consider and calculate many things before backpacking in Thailand otherwise they may just pass through the country without get the real experience of spending time in Thailand. Some tips for backpacking in Thailand are available below.

Backpackers in Thailand

Choices of Transportation

Three kinds of transportation are available in Thailand – plane, train, and bus. The plane is of course the most expensive one, but this is the fastest way to get people around Thailand. So, if people have limited time to spend in Thailand but wish to see as many places as possible, plane can be the best option. The second one, train is quite cheap and comfortable since many trains in Thailand are completed with the Air Conditioner, toilet, and restaurants. What makes taking a train for transportation more profitable is that it provides a Thai Rail Pass, i.e. an unlimited offer to get into the train as frequently as possible in 20 days. To get this fantastic offer, people only need to pay 3,000 bath, but the shortage is that not all regions in Thailand are covered by the railway. Bus is the cheapest transportation, but it is also the slowest one. Various kinds of buses starting from the simplest ones which require people to jam inside until the most luxurious ones are passing through most cities in Thailand.

Tips for Money-Saving

Money Changer in Thailand

Traveling around Thailand is quite cheap compared to the other countries, but people can save more money by following the tips below. First, never buy a thing in Thailand without bargaining. The only places which have fixed prices are Department Stores and Supermarket, while some small stalls or the street markets usually expect the buyer to bargain. Second, prepare the small denotations of money because some supermarkets and public transportation find it difficult to give the change. Third, reject any crumpled, torn, or dull money since most people in Thailand do not accept such money. Fourth, believe in the taximeter while getting into a taxi is a big mistake. It is better for the tourists to have a bargain first otherwise they may be shocked to see the magnificent bill displayed on the taximeter. The last one, try to exchange money in the bank or a trustworthy money changer rather than in a black market, or else the guy in the black market may give you less money than it is supposed to.

All of the tips are simple but powerful enough to keep the backpackers comfortable while traveling around Thailand.