People may choose to visit Madrid or Valencia while they are in Spain, yet no other places in Spain like Barcelona. Placed in between Spain and France as two popular countries in Europe brings Barcelona different with the other cities in Spain. It is such an ideal place for someone wishing to experience different customs and habits in this glamorous city. Don’t get surprised to discover that people in Barcelona wake up very late in the afternoon and the earliest time to have dinner is at 10 pm. This is caused by the glorious nightlife in Barcelona influenced by France and the Spain itself. In order to handle the confusion about how life’s going in Barcelona, here are the tips of things to do in Barcelona.

Visit the art and architecture of Antonio Gaudi

Gaudi's Art in Barcelona

Gaudi, the greatest architect in Barcelona, created the unique design and shapes of monuments and buildings in Barcelona. There are shades of nature in every buildings or other thins he designed. His famous masterpieces are La Sagrada Familia, details in the top of a temple designed in the most complicated patterns and forms. Until recently, Gaudi is the most honored architect in Barcelona.

Get Fresh in the Beach

Beach in Barcelona

Beaches in Barcelona propose fresh sensation as well as freedom to every visitor of the beach. The freedom given in the beaches result in many topless women swimming or sunbathing quietly on the sand. Though, the beaches in Barcelona are better to be visited during summer because it has frozen temperature in winter. Don’t end the day quickly by go to bed early since the wild nightlife at the beaches invite visitors to awake all night long.

Watch Football Game

Supporter of Barcelona

Football, as the main sport in Spain, also attracts people in Barcelona. They keen to support their best football team, Barcelona, in every football match performed by the team. The great supports from the supporters is one of the factors making Barcelona won many local and international competitions and owns a large collection of trophies. The great loves and affections to Barcelona football teams causes people in Barcelona to hate their great rival, Real Madrid. So, it is better not to wear any attributes or jersey of Real Madrid football team otherwise you prefer to be glared by most people you see in Barcelona.