Formerly, it is quite hard to get a flight directly to Australia because it is quite far and secluded from the other countries and continents. Currently, more and more airlines directing to Australia are available from the cheapest until the most luxurious one. Getting a cheap flight to Australia doesn’t only depend to the reputation of the airlines or the facilities and cosiness given by the airlines because most airlines give the same service to their passengers. The prices of flight tickets also depend on the season when the flight is taken. Here are some tips to find the best period for getting a cheap flight towards Australia.

Airport in Australia

First, avoid to have a flight during Christmas and New Year. Not only the expensive flight ticket that the passengers may find but also the difficulties in getting the ticket itself. A huge number of people book a flight in and out Australia during these special events so that they are considered as the busiest period of flight. Don’t expect to get discount or special offers during this time since no airlines are willing to give any.

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Next, try not to get a flight between February until August. This is the busiest time for tourism when people around the world choose to have a vacation in Australia. Both domestic and international flights are extremely busy and the prices of the ticket are more expensive. For those who are obliged to get a flight on this season need to book in advance. In addition to ensure that they get the flight ticket, special discount is usually offered for the ones booking the flight in advance.

The best period to have a flight in and out Australia is during September until December. This period is claimed as the off season of tourism that most flight in Australia is dull and empty. Incredible offers such as buy 1 ticket get 1 free, free to have a domestic flight in Australia, or great discounts are available. Such kind of special offers can be found in the flight between Sydney and Melbourne because it has an excessive number of airlines providing both domestic and international flight.