There are many tour packages for holiday trips to Singapore. These cheap tour packages to Singapore makes it comfortable to visit Singapore even for budget conscious travelers. Here is how to arrange your own cheap tour package to Singapore.

There are many budget flights flying to Singapore’s Changi Airport. Depending on where you are from, choose from AirAsia, Jetstar Airways, Tiger Airways, Cebu Airlines, Eva Air, or other budget airlines. In any case, use flight comparison engine such as our Cheap Flight Tickets to help find the best and cheapest flight for your Singapore trip.

Hotels in Singapore are generally more expensive compared to hotels in nearby countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia. However, don’t let that prevent you from visiting. There are plenty of dorms for backpackers and budget travelers such as Just Inn Accommodations.

Looking forward for a more proper trip with your own room? Your best bet for Singapore cheap hotels room are hotels in Geyland, the more colorful part of Singapore (by colorful, we mean the red light districk). Hotel 81 (this, this, and this) and Hotel Fragrance (this, this, this) are two biggest chains in this area, and their room rates are very competitive.

Local Tours
If you are feeling adventurous, don’t take local tours. Just read up Lonely Planet for Singapore and Singapore Tourism, pick up your destinations, and you are set to go. Public transport in Singapore is very well organized, you can reach almost any part of Singapore with the network of bus and trains.

However, if you want, there are plenty of local tours in Singapore. Here are some of the more well-known ones:

Ready to go? Here are summary of resources for your cheap tour to Singapore:

Enjoy your custom-made cheap tour packages to Singapore !