Ching Ming 2014 – Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day
Ching Ming, Qing Ming, or the Clear Bright Festival is Chinese festival to remember the dead, by visiting and cleaning grave sites of the deceased. Often, people also will bring food and drink as offering to the ancestors.

When is Ching Ming 2014?
Ching Ming 2014 falls on Saturday, 5 April 2014. However the tomb visiting is often done before that. Vernal equinox (or spring equinox) on 20 March 2014 marks the middle of spring and signify when people can start tomb visiting ritual.

Ching Ming 2014 Celebration
While Ching Ming is celebrating death, it is undoubtedly a festive occasion for Chinese. Extended families often plan the grave visit together, thus it becomes family outings and often marked as family reunion. In the past, people will start the spring plowing, while singing and dancing, on the Ching Ming Day. To some, Ching Ming Day is often as important or even more important than the Chinese New Year.

In South East Asia, Ching Ming 2014 will be celebrated by chinese in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore.

Happy Ching Ming 2014 !