In Bohol, Philippines, about 1268 cone-shaped hills called the Chocolate Hills take place. The name chocolate hills is derived from the state of the hills which turns from green into chocolate at the end of dry season. The green color is caused by the grass covering the hills during wet season so that when the grass faded on dry season, the only left on the hills is brown-color soil. Chocolate hills is nominated as the candidates of Unesco World’s Heritage Sites so that the government of Philippines takes a very good care of the area these days.

Chocolate Hills


It seems hard to believe that these perfectly cone-shaped hills are made by nature, but several exceptional legends are said to construct the hills. These legends are all related to giants, as the first legend recounts that the hills were caused by the rocks and soil thrown by two giants fighting for a girl. The other tale tells that the hills were created from a giant’s dungs after he ate a lot of food in a party. These legends seem fool and strange, yet certain people in Bohol believe that the legends were real otherwise there’s no other explanation about the formation of Chocolate hills. Though some researchers formulate a hypotheses about how the hills were constructed, one hypothesis refers to the stone and sand eruption of a volcano.

Legends of the Chocolate Hills

Accommodations in Chocolate Hills

Certain resorts and hotels are established to provide better accommodation for the tourists coming to visit Chocolate hills, two of them are Chocolate Hills Complex and Sagbayan Peak. Chocolate Hills Complex is a resort plus restaurant providing the visitors with swimming pool and a special deck to view the magnificent scenery of Chocolate hills. The other one, Sagbayan Peak, is a newly established resort located in a 5-hectares area near the Chocolate hills. The same as Chocolate Hills Complex, Sagbayan Peak provides certain deck for the visitors to enjoy the beautiful landscape of these painting-like hills. Currently, Sagbayan Peak is also completed with children playground decorated in Toontown-themed which makes the place an ideal place for family to stay.

Sagbayan Peak