Christmas 2013: A Festive Of Serenity, Joy And Shopping

Traditionally a Christian holiday, Christmas in many countries is now also a celebration of the secular part of the holiday, with lots of shopping, entertainment, Christmas lights, and Santa showing up in full furs despite the fact that some are smack in the middle of the tropics.

In Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, and other Asia metropolitan cities, streets and shopping malls are lit up with stunning electric light displays that blaze through the cities prime shopping and entertainment districts every Christmas season. This, combined with the late mall hours put in place during Christmas season, make nighttime shopping in way more fun for shoppers.

Some churches are trying to guide Christmas day celebrations back to the religious spectrum, and you can’t fault them for trying, but for many, the whole point of Christmas is shopping, with malls doing their darndest to entice shoppers into their doors as Christmas time approaches.

Christmas 2013 Official Holidays
When is Christmas 2013? – Date of Christmas 2013
Christmas Day 2012 falls on Wednesday, 25 December 2013.

In many countries, Christmas 2013 is a public holiday.

Christmas Day Celebrations Around The World

Absolutely, Christmas 2013 is a worldwide celebration. Thought the foods and practices linked with it differ with climate, country, culture, even datebook, the spirit of the time excels all such distinctions.

Christmas Day Celebrations in United Kingdom
United Kingdom celebrated their Christmas with Christmas crackers also recognized as bon-bons. This is a usual practice during Christmas. This cracker is made from tube and cardboard which covered in a paper which is twisted and decorated around the pipe. After being covered the finish product of the Christmas cracker looks like a sugary wrapper which is huge. They pull this cracker from both parts and this will split randomly.

Christmas Day Celebrations in Australia
Several Australians also spend Christmas by heading to camping grounds and going to the beach for a lengthy break over the holiday period of Christmas. It has turn into traditional for global visitors who are in Australia at Christmas day to set out to Bondi Beach in which almost 40,000 visitor go on Christmas time.

Christmas Day Celebrations in the Ireland
In traditionally religious Ireland, Christmas time is a moment to rejoice with close friends and family members the birth of Jesus Christ. Usually, friends and families have festive meal together and after which visiting church services. For them, Christmas is a happy occasions for friends and relatives to come along, enjoy each others’ company and exchanging gifts.

Christmas Day Celebrations in the Philippines
The Christmas celebration in the Philippines starts on December 16 and finishes on the initial Sunday of January wherein it is known as The Three Kings. It is somewhat different from other states as it?s the longest festivities in the Philippines extending for more than three weeks. And it?s one of the longest Christmas time in the whole world.

Christmas Day Celebrations in the United States
A lot of individual in the US celebrate Christmas season on 25th of December. The day rejoices the birth of Jesus Christ. Frequently, it is mixed with tradition from pre-Christian frost celebrations. A lot of people decorate their houses, raises Christmas trees, visit friends or relatives and exchanging gifts.

Christmas Day Celebrations in New Zealand
On the other hand, in New Zealand, Christmas is a summer festival. Therefore, there?s no ice and snow during their Christmas. This is a season of partying and exchanging gifts. Each area of the state will reflect the Christmas spirit. The most fascinating thing is the houses, shops and lanes are embellished with the pictures of Father Christmas in snow scenes and red cloak. Perhaps it is because of the practice arriving from Europe together with their relatives.

Christmas Day Celebrations in Canada
The European influence in Christmas practices of Canada can be seen in the celebrations plus the several traditions and customs of the holiday. In addition to this, the central celebration of French Canadians on Christmas Eve is the midnight mass in which they show a nativity picture beneath a Christmas tree. The family has a large banquet after the mass as a portion of the Christmas practices of Canada. Alternatively, exchanging gifts happens on New Year?s time. Usually, the Christmas practices for English Canadians comprise a beef and plum pudding and roast goose. Also, the houses are embellished with kissing balls and pine bough. They sing also the old carols during the time.

Christmas Day 2013 in Singapore
Christmas is a widely celebrated festival in Singapore, with the main theme “Christmas in Tropics”. See Singapore Christmas 2013.

Merry Christmas 2013 !
Happy Christmas Holiday 2013 !

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