Columbus Day

Many countries in the America continent celebrate anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the continent on 12 October 1492. The day is known as Columbus Day in the United States.

When is Columbus Day?

Columbus Day is celebrated on every second Monday of October.

Date of Columbus Day 2013
Columbus Day 2013 falls on Monday, 14 October 2013.

Date of Columbus Day 2012
Columbus Day 2012 falls on Monday, 8 October 2012.

Historical Background & Origins of Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus is the famous discoverer of the advanced country, United States of America. He sailed into the Western Hemisphere and got his expedition to this country on October 12, 1942. Columbus was well-known throughout the world because of the country that he found, and because of America?s gratefulness of having him discover their land, they gave him a day of commemoration.

This day is now called as the Columbus Day, starting when Former US President Benjamin Harrison announced the plan of having a proclamation regarding the 400th year of the foundation of America. Americans were encouraged to celebrate Columbus Day with festivities and other forms of celebrations. After 45 years of waiting, the Columbus Day was announced as a national holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus? arrival in America. It is observed every second Monday of the Month October.

Columbus Day Celebrations

Every town and city in America has their own styles of celebrating Columbus Day. But in general, Americans celebrate this holiday by sharing the Italian-American culture with each other. Parades are done in each town as well. People go straight to the nearest annual street fair and wear their favourite colourful costumes. Italian foods are sold in every corner, Italian music and dances are performed in concerts, enriching the Italian-American culture.

The Colorado State, who was the first one who declared the Columbus Day as a National Holiday of Commemoration, they celebrate it by teaching geography, explorations and sailings to the people. They are spreading their knowledge about the things that they know about America. On the other hand, citizens of Boston celebrate it by having a parade annually distinct to the Sunday before the day of Columbus Day. Other groups have a good time in Columbus Day by going to parks and have a picnic with their loved ones. And sometimes, re-enactment of the arrival of Columbus in America was stage played somewhere near the water.

Another way of celebrating is founded by Latin Americans; people call it the “Day of Indigenous Resistance”. Instead of celebrating the Italian-American culture, they commemorate it by honouring the indigenous people in their country.

Native indigenous people have their own celebrations and make their own parties. In these parties, they do some performance of their traditional dances, teach everyone about their culture the Native American culture, and have powwows in their villages. Powwows are the gathering of native people in North America. It is the common tradition for tribes where they dance in circles and play music with each other.
If there are people who celebrate these in this way, there are people who contradict this idea of celebration.

For non-Catholics, many do not prefer celebrating this as the main priority of Columbus is seen as to spread the religion through his expedition. Also, there is a controversy regarding his true purpose in arriving in America. When he came to America and become the governor of a city, he introduced the punishment torture. So for the non believers, they do not want to celebrate this. Instead, they just have this day as their rest day since it is a national holiday and their works are suspended for that day.

Happy Columbus Day 2013 !