Constitution Memorial Day in Japan
Constitution Memorial Day or Constitution Day (Kenpo Kinenbi) is a national holiday in Japan to commemorate the declaration of the Constitution of Japan on 3 May 1947. This event is considered as a day to reflect on the meaning of democracy in Japan. Japanese people celebrate Constitution Memorial Day on 3 May every year. It is known as a part of Golden Week holidays in Japan.

When is Constitution Memorial Day 2014?
Constitution Memorial Day 2014 falls on Saturday, 3 May 2014.

The Origin of Constitution Memorial Day
People in Japan believe that the Constitution promulgated on 3 May 1947 is much better than Meiji Constitution imposed previously. The recent Constitution of Japan acknowledges that the sovereignty lies with Japanese people while the Emperor is the symbol of the state and people’s unity. It is people, not the Emperor, who have the powers related to government in Japan. In order to commemorate the promulgation of this Constitution, Constitution Memorial Day is observed as a national holiday in Japan.

Constitution Memorial Day 2014 Celebration
On 3 May every year, ceremonies are held throughout Japan to commemorate the Constitution Memorial Day. The building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (The National Diet building) in Tokyo is opened for public special for this day. Many people and families in Japan take this chance to peek inside the building, walk through the halls, or take a picture with the building as the background.

Since Constitution Memorial Day is a part of Golden Week in Japan, many Japanese people use this occasion to go back to their hometown or have a vacation inside or outside Japan. Thus, most public transportation including buses, trains, and planes are usually packed with people. Some other people who are tired of this crowded transportation prefer staying at home to get rest and enjoy quality time with family.

Happy Constitution Memorial Day 2014!