Corpus Christi is a Christian feast to honor the Body of Christ in Christian-majority countries. This feast is usually held on Thursday after the Trinity Sunday, or on the next Sunday for some districts in US. In some European and South American countries such as Austria, Poland, Portugal, Bolivia, and Brazil, Corpus Christi is celebrated as a public holiday when the shops and offices are quiet while some other countries such as Australia, UK, and US do not treat this feast as a national holiday.

When is Corpus Christi 2014?
The upcoming Corpus Christi 2013 is going to be held on Thursday, 19 June 2014.

Corpus Christi Celebration

History of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, also known as Day of the Wreath and the Feast of the Most Holy Body of Christ, began in 1246. The words Corpus Christi were derived from the Latin words meaning the body of Christ. The feast began when a nun named Saint Juliana of Liege had her first vision of Christ in 1208. 20 years later, she had her second vision but decided to hide it from anyone else.

Finally, she told her vision to a confessor who told all of her visions to the bishop after St. Juliana’s confession. Due to the ability of bishops to order a feast in the previous time, a bishop called Robert de Thorete commanded a feast of Corpus Christi based on St. Juliana’s vision to be held every year.

Tradition of Corpus Christi

People celebrates Corpus Christi through certain traditions, one of the tradition is done by the priests who carry a holy bread in a kind of vessel called monstrance. In Spain, it is not only the consecrated bread carried in a monstrance but also some figures of saints and other characters in the Bible and passed through a flower-decorated path .

People in Germany celebrates the feast by decorating the monstrance in a colorful way and putting some holy symbols inside it before lifting the monstrance throughout the city. The cute thing about the tradition of Corpus Christi in Germany is when the little girls wear pretty dresses and the wreaths of flowers.

Corpus Christi 2014 is also an important festival in the Philippines, a very religious country in the South East Asia; though some traditionalist in the country felt it has been shifting in meaning from purely religious to more of a celebratory festival.

Enjoy and celebrate Corpus Christi 2014 !