Day of Arafa

Day of Arafa or Day of Arafat is a Holy Day in Islam which falls on the 9th day of Dhul Hijja based on Islamic calendar. It is known as the second day of Hajj pilgrimage and the day before one major Islamic festival – Eid al-Adha. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Arafat Day is observed annually as a national holiday.

Day of Arafa Date

Arafat Day is observed on 9 Dhul Hijja in lunar Islamic calendar. Due to different calendar system, the observance date of Arafat Day in Gregorian calender keeps changing from year to year. Each month in Islamic calendar is determined through moon-sighting, thus, the date of certain Islamic festival is usually announced only several days before.

When is Day of Arafa 2013?
Day of Arafa 2013 falls on Monday, 14 October 2013.

Day of Arafa 2013 Celebration

For the Hajj pilgrims, Day of Arafa is the second day of Hajj pilgrimage when they go to the Plain of Arafa from Mina. Then, they stand or sit at the near the Mount of Mercy along the day to seek forgiveness from Allah and making supplication. After sunset on the Day of Arafa, Hajj pilgrims go to Muzdalifah to do night praying and collect pebbles for the other Hajj ritual on the next day.

Muslims who do not perform Hajj observe Day of Arafa by fasting from the dawn until sunset. It is believed that fasting on the Day of Arafa will expiate all the sins of both the past and coming year. Yet, fasting on Arafat Day is not obligatory as fasting during Ramadhan.

Day of Arafa is a national holiday in UAE and Dubai so that many businesses, schools, and government offices are closed during the day. In UAE and Dubai, Day of Arafa and Eid-al-Adha create 4 days holiday, so many people in those countries usually have a vacation inside or outside the country. Some other people in UAE and Dubai prefer staying at home to multiply worship and strengthen their faith in Islam.

Happy Arafat Day 2013 !