Tasting delicious cuisines will be perfect when the atmosphere and scenery are supporting. Some restaurants may have an immensely delicious food but fail to decorate the restaurant in the purpose of making the visitors feel comfort and gladsome inside the restaurant. The further ideas about how to make people gladsome inside the restaurants become much more unique and eccentric which result in the existence of these three most unusual restaurant in the world.

Dining underwater

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

This underwater restaurant, Ithaa Underwater Maldives, is placed in 4.5 meters under the Indian Ocean. Covered with 125 millimeters of acrylic makes it save for the visitors to have their dining while observing the 270 degrees of the underwater scenery. Some underwater creatures normally sighted from the inside of the restaurant are stingrays, school of fishes, and coral reefs. The amazing underwater view is not the only advantage of Ithaa Underwater restaurant but also the 80 menus offering Asian until European cuisines. The only shortage of this restaurant is that it has limited number of seats – only 14 seats provided.

Dining in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky

There are three places – Dubai, Brussels, and Paris – where visitors can feel the sensation of dining while floating in the air. This is surely not for the sufferers of acrophobia (fear of height syndrome) because to be able to taste the food, visitors together with the chairs and tables are brought to 50 meters height above the ground. Anyone prefer to book this restaurant needs to pay about $30.000 for 8 hours. Some may ask why they need to book the restaurant for such a long time. The answer is that the preparation to take the visitors high above the sky itself take more than two hours, not to mention the time consumed to bring them back to the ground when one of them has the need to go to the restroom. Yet, people having too much money to spend ought to try this restaurant for once.

Dining in the Darkness

Dans Le Noir Restaurant

Whether it is underwater or in the sky, at least visitors are able to see their meals and people around them. How would it be to dinner in a total darkness? That’s what one restaurant named Dans Le Noir offers to its customer. Dance Le Noir, located in three big cities including London, Paris and Barcelona, was established based on the view that sight can disrupt the taste of food. People having inside Dans Le Noir won’t depend on their sight but only on their sense and feeling.