A large collection of ancient buildings, monuments, and sculptures makes Egypt as one of the most favorite places all over the world. Tourists who comes to spend holiday in Egypt are usually confused about which attraction to visit first since all attractions in Egypt are as wonderful as the others. Pyramids, Sphinx, and River Nile are only a few places of interest in Egypt, there are still numerous phenomenal place which can be found in Egypt.


Pyramid of Giza

It is undoubtedly that pyramids are the main reason why tourists come to Egypt. More than 80 pyramids which are actually the tombs of Egyptian rulers scatter in Egypt, but the most popular one is the Pyramid of Giza. Pyramid of Giza, well-known as Pyramid of Khufu is one and the oldest of the Seven Ancient World Wonders. People believe that inside the pyramid, the cemetery of Pharaoh Khufu lies. A research conducted to investigate the Pyramid of Giza estimated that the process of building the pyramid were done for about 80 years by 20 until 30 thousands slaves. According to a tale, the Pyramid of Giza holds a curse for anyone trying to get inside the Pyramid.


Gulf of Suez

Since the weather in Egypt is extremely hot at noon, about 40 degrees of Celcius, beaches are the best option to rescue. Numerous beaches are available, and some of them are wonderful with the white sandy beach and clear water which are ideal to do almost every water sports. The Gulf of Suez beach is recommended for those seeking for a place to dodge the heat. This beach is very popular in the Egyptian citizen and quite well-known among the tourists. The beach has received series of renovation to attract more tourists to come and visit it. Nowadays, the beach becomes an extremely comfortable place to get refresh after being stung by the heat of the sun.

Nile River

Nile River

Visitors prefer to have different experience of exploring Egypt can try the Nile River Cruise boat that will take them to see many historical views alongside the river. As the longest river in the world, the Nile River has its own mystery attracting the visitors to detect the mystery themselves. Many Nile River Cruise boats can be found throughout the Nile River, but the most luxurious one is the Majestic Shehrayar. Getting inside the Majestic Sherayar, visitors can rent a cabin completed with modern facilities including showers, telephone, TV, and air conditioner. Through this gigantic ship, visitors are able to have an adventure by exploring the Nile River as well as get relax on such a cozy cabin.