One of 10 best diving spots in Papua is located in Raja Ampat, Papua. Although it has just been establish as one of the diving spot in Indonesia, Raja Ampat Papua attracts many tourists to visit this place. According to a research conducted in 2001, Raja Ampat has the richest species of coral reef with 75% coral reef species in the world can be found in this area. Raja Ampat also has a huge collection of the other sea creatures for about 1104 species of fish and 700 species of molluscs inhabit the water, the biggest number of coral reef species compares to any other places in the world.

Raja Ampat Papua

Because Raja Ampat has just been promoted as the diving spot in Indonesia, there aren’t many hotels or resorts which can be found in this place. Instead of hotels, some small inns were built for the visitors who come to dive in this place with the room rates start from 900,000 rupiahs. In order to be able to dive in Raja Ampat, another 360,000 rupiahs should be paid. It is quite cheap considering plenty of sea creatures which can be found while diving.

Because of the crystal clear water, visitors do not need to dive if they want to see some species of sea creatures in Raja Ampat. The fishes and other sea creatures occuring near the surface of the water can be clearly seen without sticking our head inside the water. However, the truly beauty of water species in Raja Ampat can be found only by diving and observing under the sea. The most peculiar species found while diving are katai seahorse, Pari Manta fish, and wobbegong.

Diving in Raja Ampat

Nowadays, more hotels and resorts to accommodate the increasing number of tourists are built. Some resorts in Raja Ampat offer a touring package which consists of diving around Raja Ampat island, visiting the nearest village, and observing the local animals. Tourists find the touring package interesting, and they keep booking for the touring package from time to time. Visiting Raja Ampat Papua makes the visitors feel like in paradise and forget to go home.