As the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia has many magnificent beaches that magnetized the tourists. The beaches spread from the western side to the eastern side of Indonesia. Since Indonesia is located right in the equator lines, it has tropical climate. As a result, all of the beaches there are warm and comfort to do almost all kinds of activities like doing water sports, playing on the sand, or sunbathing. A great number of beaches are available in Indonesia, and three of them will be reviewed here.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, Papua, is one of the fascinating beaches in Indonesia as well as the best diving place ever. The water is so pure and clear that makes it possible to see right through the bottom of the sea and the sea living creatures there easily. A few people visits Raja Ampat each year so that the beach is not crowded nor dirty at all. Raja Ampat is visited by few people since only a few people realize its beauty. People tend to go to visit Bali rather than Raja Ampat when they travel to Indonesia only because Bali is more famous. In fact, the beauty of Raja Ampat beach is as good as or even better than Bali.

Raja Ampat Papua

Mentawai Island

Looking for a great place to surf, Mentawai island in Sumatera is the best place for such kind of sport. Surfers come to the beach to feel the great waves that consistently waving from time to time. The soft sand and blue water available there become the additional point for the visitors to come and spend their time at Mentawai. Sometimes, surfing competition is held and the competitors are professional surfers from different countries. The waves are getting bigger during June until September, so it is the best time for the surfers to drop by in Mentawai.

Surfing in Mentawai


The other one is Bunaken National Marine Place, another ideal place for scuba diving. Bunaken which is located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, is a home for various kinds of sea creatures and coral life. Just like Raja Ampat in Papua, the water in Bunaken is very clear that visitors can see any living things in the water. In 1991, Bunaken was established as one of National Marine Park in Indonesia. Since then, more and more tourists come to Bunaken to enjoy the beautiful landmark there. Visiting Bunaken, people will feel reluctant to leave the place and go home.

Diving in Bunaken