One greatest theme park in Australia – Dreamworld – is located in Queensland the Northeast territory of Australia. Dreamworld consists of 28 rides including 5 roller coaster and 2 water rides in about 7 different themes. It is one of a few places offering the attractions of amusement park as well as the collection of wild animals enabling the visitors to try on the rides of the theme park and observe the nature life of wild animals at the same place. Right after the Dreamworld theme park, the Whitewater World water park was built in December 2006 to complete the facilities and choices of the theme park to the customer.

Attraction in Dreamworld

Rides and Attractions

Three kinds of rides consist of 8 attractions on the thriller rides, 8 attractions on the family rides, and 12 attractions on the kids rides cause the theme park suitable for everyone. However, all attractions in the thriller rides are not appropriate for kids because they all too scary to be taken by kids. In order to add the thrilling sensation, one of the attractions in thriller rides – BuzzSaw – was built based on a true story about a man got killed in a sawmill in Gold Rush town. This attraction doesn’t only test the nerve through the fast moving or rolling rides, but also through a heart-thumping story and atmosphere.


Wildlife Preserve

Two kinds of attractions are available in the Wildlife preserve of the Dreamworld e.g. Tiger Island and Australian Wildlife Experience. The Tiger Island is a house of Sumatran and Bengal tigers where they play, eat, and sleep peacefully. In this place, visitors are able to watch this wild but tame animals play with their handlers or take a picture together with a gigantic size of tiger. The Australian Wildlife Experience has a collection of Australian animals including koala, barn-owl, kangaroo, and crocodile. Only in this place, the visitors are allowed to cuddle a koala, feed the crocodiles, and also watch the sheep while they’re being sheered. It’s the best place for kids to learn about animals and their habits and also to get closer to wild animals the kids usually see on Television or books.