What is Easter?
Easter is a major Christian festival to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his three days crucifixion at Calvary. Some old churches consider the account of resurrection as a landmark indicating Jesus Christ as a Messiah or Savior. Thus, Easter is widely celebrated as a major feast by the Christians around the world. People from different countries call Easter as Resurrection Day, Resurrection Sunday, and Easter Sunday since this festival always falls on Sunday every year. So festive is the Easter that non-Christian people sometimes take part in the celebration.

Easter Holidays 2014
Different countries have different number of Easter holidays. Since Easter is celebrated on Sunday, some countries determine the day after Easter as a public holiday. Good Friday which comes two days before Easter is also observed as public holiday in most countries including the non-Christian majority ones.

Some Western countries including Germany, France, and UK determine Good Friday and Easter Monday as public holidays while certain states in Australia also observed Easter Saturday as one of Easter holidays. In several Asian countries such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, only Good Friday is observed as a public holiday. Yet, Philippines acknowledges 4 days of Easter holidays starting from Maundy Thursday (Huwebes Santo) until Easter Sunday.

Easter Holidays 2014 Date
When is Easter 2014?
Easter 2014 will fall on Sunday, 20 April 2014

In many countries, Easter will be celebrated for a whole week (also called Holy Week) with Palm Sunday marking the beginning of the celebrations.

Easter Holidays 2014 Celebrations
People’s traditions in celebrating Easter holidays are diverse in various countries. Still, most Christians all over the world celebrate it by doing church services in the morning of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. People in some countries including UK and Philippines bring palm leaves to the church to be blessed by the Priest. After the church services, they usually gather with family and friends to have a feast and get relaxed. In Canada and Australia, people have a unique tradition of Easter i.e. hunting some Easter eggs decorated with colorful paintings.

Happy Easter Holiday 2014! Enjoy Your Easter Egg Hunting!