In Discovery magazine ever published about the poor elephants, they got torture in their life by human in a country, they got hurt even they had blind. Elephant is very soft animal even they have biggest and tough body but they have sensitive heart. They also have good memories that can cause promptly trauma for them, just like case when the baby elephant had tied in its feet then when it grew up and he was tied as the same rope he can?t go anywhere, he already got trauma from past memory just like when it baby can?t go anywhere in the same tied. Nowadays human have rights also animals, they deserve to get good life too and they are God?s creatures.

Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary in Malaysia really back to nature, teach tourist to care with God?s creatures not only became selfish with world occupied. This sanctuary invites the tourists to close with biggest animal that?s orphanage elephant. The tourist will side by side with this creature, takes rides, feed them with fruits also taking bath them to the river near this conservation and no worry about any accident that maybe suddenly happen because in this place has many professional team be on duty around the tourists.

The most beautiful thing from those activities, the tourists will get beautiful experience and full of challenging together with elephant. Well, in the research ever said about how to lost human?s stress, you could use animals. They can?t talk but human could talk everything to it and no worry about your secrets would spread. So in the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary the tourists got great feeling so do the elephants, they must feel the same too, they become parts of enjoy tourist, tourists? laugh maybe elephant?s smile too. For information, this Conservation located in Kuala Gandah only one and half hour?s journey from Kuala Lumpur. So enjoy getting the great feeling with Elephants.