Becoming a tropical country makes Indonesia wrapped by 24 until 35 degrees Celsius of temperature for the whole year. Some tourists may find it hot so that they have to rescue themselves in fresh places like beaches or water parks. The last one, water park, keeps appearing in many big cities of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Bali. Some water park has already reached the international standard with numerous sophisticated rides, kids playgrounds, and great deep pools. Three most famous water parks are presented below.

Ciputra Water Park in Surabaya

Ciputra Water Park
Ciputra Water Park is the biggest water park in Indonesia located in the capital city of East Java Province. The decoration in this water park is inspired by the tale of 1001 nights of Sinbad completed with a big and colorful Arabian castle. Sinbad Water World, the other name of Ciputra Water Park, has six main rides or slides to attract the visitors – Chimaera Pool, Sirens River, Marina Lagoon, Rock Tower, Syracuse Beach, and Sinbad Playground, and most of them are appropriate for children until adults.

Waterbom Jakarta

Waterbom Jakarta

Located in the busiest city and also the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, brings Waterbom Jakarta as a paradise in the center of bustles. People from the inside and outside Jakarta escape to Waterbom to get relax from all of their busy days. Only in this place, people are able to forget their business and enjoy the freshness of Bali-like atmosphere around the water park. Not only a place for relaxing, Waterbom Jakarta also provides many thrilling attractions and rides for the daring ones. One attraction which thrills people most is the Speed Slide attraction consisting of two fastest slides in the water park completed with two bulges and ended with straight tracks. This slide is fast enough to make many brave ones chicken out to try it.

Waterbom Bali

Climax Slide in Waterbom Bali

Even though it has the very same name with a water park in Jakarta, the locations are very much different. This Waterbom is located in Bali, the most popular tourism place in Indonesia. It consists of 9 rides providing two different sensations mostly found in water parks, thrilling and relaxing. In case of thrilling rides, climax which enables the riders to slide in almost vertical slide and swoop back upwards before finally glide in a horizontal track, and Superbowl which flushes the visitors into a gigantic bowl and sucks them to the pool behind it, are the most famous ones.

These three most famous water parks are intended to attract both domestic and international tourists to have a look and try their feet on the rides.