Genting Highland Malaysia offers a complete entertainment for the whole family members. Theme park, shopping center, dining place, meeting place, until casino are provided in such a modern resort. Both Citizens and tourists attack Genting Highland especially during holiday to get a place where everyone of every ages in the family can enjoy. Those visiting Genting from far away can stay in one of four lavish hotels available in Genting Highland. Overall, there’s nothing the visitors can’t enjoy while spending holiday in Genting Highland Malaysia.

Genting Theme Park succeeds to be the favorite place of visitors because of its three different themed-park, outdoor theme park, indoor theme park, and water park. The outdoor theme park is an ideal place for the energetic ones with the collection of 8 thrilling rides, 11 family rides, 4 children rides, and an enchanting attraction. There won’t be enough time to get into all of the rides even if the visitors spend the whole day at the theme park. The second one, First World Indoor Theme Park cover the visitors from the heat while taking the rides. It is not as wide as the outdoor theme park, and there aren’t many rides inside it. However, it is a suitable place for family because most of the rides provided here are intended to all family members. The last one, Wet and Wild Splash-tacular water park cools down the hot weather in this tropical country.

Genting Highland

One place which can rarely be found in Asia is Casino which is surprisingly available in Genting Highland. People who want to know the situation inside a casino may visit this place. Nevertheless, in order to be able to enter the Casino in Genting Highland, visitors must be above 21 years old and a non-Muslim. To make sure that the visitors meet the requirements to enter the Casino, they need to present their ID cards. It seems excessive, but it is totally effective to prevent people off age out of the Casino. Malaysia is known to be very strict in such kind of regulation.

Casino in Genting Highland Malaysia

The restaurants in Genting Highway provides every taste the visitors want to try. Oriental, Continental, and local cuisines made by some professional chefs of the resort are available not to mention the snacks and buffets. People are able to relish their food and enjoy night entertainment at the same time. The night entertainment is usually not for kids, but it doesn’t matter since kids usually have gone to bed when the night entertainment is started.