Gio To Hung Vuong 2014 – King Memorial
In 2007, Vietnam government declares a new public holiday for commemorating Hung King (Hung Vuong), the legendary king of ancient Vietnam. This new holiday is called Gio To Hung Vuong, or Hung Kings’ Temple Festival.

When is Gio To Hung Vuong 2014?
Gio To Hung Vuong 2014 falls on Wednesday, 9 April 2014.

Gio To Hung Vuong 2014 Celebrations

Gio To Hung Vuong 2014 is held on the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month each year at the Hung temple. The Hung temple is the place of worship for Hung Vuong, the legendary first king of ancient Vietnam, and is one of most important place in Vietnam cultural and historical foundation. Thus, it is only fitting that the celebration for remembering Hung Vuong is centred here.

Thousands of Vietnamese, including the country leaders, will come to the Hung Temple to pay respect to Hung Vuong, as well as joining or watching the special colourful parade. This festival is relatively unknown to tourist, but it is certainly a spectacle for those that come and join in.

Happy Gio To Hung Vuong Day 2014!