Hina Matsuri 2013
Japan has a special festival for girls called Hina Matsuri or literally means Girls’ Day. It is celebrated on May 3rd every year by Japanese family who has little daughter in the hope that the girl will be healthy and grow up beautifully. The family in Japan celebrates the festival by displaying cute small dolls complete with one set of tiny furniture on a red carpet. The dolls are presented in seven steps with the emperor and the empress lie on top of the step.

When is Hina Matsuri 2013?
Hina Matsuri 2013 falls on Friday, 3 May 2013.

When is Hina Matsuri 2014?
Hina Matsuri 2014 falls on Saturday, 3 May 2014.

Hina Matsuri 2013 Celebrations
On Hina Matsuri day, little girls usually wear Kimono and invite the other girls or the boys to their houses to celebrate the festival together. Commonly, traditional Japanese foods including pink rice and sweet sake are served to the guests. Unlike the usual sake found in Japan, the sweet sake served in Hina Matsuri festival do not content alcohol at all because it is made of rice.

Hina Matsuri Festival

Some superstitions associated with the festivals evolve. Most people in Japan believe that the dolls displayed during Hina Matsuri festival should be taken off before the festival is over. If the dolls are still displayed until the next day, then the girl in the family won’t get married for her entire life. No one really knows how such cruel superstition began, but no one dare to ignore the superstition by keeping the dolls displayed for days.

In the past time, Hina Matsuri dolls weren’t cute and elegant because they were made of paper. Japanese people believe that these dolls were possessed by evil spirits, so they made the dolls sailing through the river or sea. Sending the dolls to the river or sea was believed as the only way to prevent the girls from the evil spirits. Recently, such kind of tradition is no longer performed because it is claimed as one of the causes of the water pollution in Japan.

Happy Hina Matsuri 2013!