There are well-equipped government and private hospitals in Singapore. Every hospital has a 24-hour Accident and Emergency unit (A&E) to cater to medical emergencies. For hospital admissions, you will need to bring along identification documents, a doctor’s referral letter and a guarantee of payment. In case of an emergency, you may contact any of the hospitals listed here:

Public Hospital

Contact Number

Singapore General Hospital

(65) 6222 3322

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

1800 252 9919

National University Hospital

1800 772 5555

Changi General Hospital

(65) 6788 8833

Alexandra Hospital

(65) 6472 2000

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

(65) 6293 4044

Institute of Mental Health/Woodbridge Hospital

(65) 6389 2000


Private Hospital

Contact Number

Mount Elizabeth Hospital

(65) 6737 2666

Gleneagles Hospital

(65) 6473 7222

Mount Alvernia Hospital (24-hr outpatient)

(65) 6253 4818

East Shore Hospital

(65) 6344 7588

Thomson Medical Centre (24-hr outpatient)

(65) 6256 9494

Government and Government Restructured Hospitals
The government and government restructured hospitals offer care of varying levels depending on the ward chosen. There are 6-8 ward classes, from single-bedded wards to 12-bedded and open wards. The government hospitals are Alexandra Hospital and Woodbridge Hospital. Government restructured hospitals are Singapore General Hospital (SGH), Kandang Kerbau (KK) Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the National University Hospital (NUH) and Changi General Hospital (CGH).

The fees for X-rays, laboratory tests and surgical operations are charged separately from the ward charges. Daily ward charges depend on the type of ward and the type of hospital. Here?s a guide to the ward charges:


Government Hospitals

Restructured Hospitals

A1 (Single bed)


S$206.00 to S$323.00

A2 (Two-bedded)


S$200.00 to S$215.00

B1 (Aircon four-bedded)


S$145.00 to S$189.00

B1 (Non-aircon four-bedded)



B2 (Six to 12 beds)


S$39.00 to S$50.00

C (Open ward)


S$20.00 to S$25.00

Foreigners and those who are on long-term social visit passes will have to pay more for treatment at the government or government-restructured hospitals. They can only stay in Class A and B1 wards. If they would like to stay in Class B2 or C wards, the charges will double. The charges are:

Type of Treatment/Ward

Fees Chargeable

Inpatient /Outpatient Treatment

At Class A rates

Ward Charges

In accordance to the rates


30% of the total hospital bill

Individual public hospital charging schemes are available at the eCitizen Web portal.

Private Hospitals
The rates in private hospitals are determined by each individual hospital, and they are generally higher than that of government hospitals. Medication, tests and doctor’s fees are charged separately. Here?s a guide to daily ward charges in private hospitals in Singapore:

Ward / Class

Daily Ward Fee

A1 (Single bed)

S$280.00 onwards

A2 (Two-bedded)

S$220.00 onwards

B1 (Aircon four-bedded)

S$80.00 onwards

Individual private hospital charging schemes are available at the eCitizen Web portal.