Paris is destination for many tourists desiring a unique and elegant place to stay. The most appealing places in Paris are museums and galleries, river, tower, cafes, restaurants and shops or boutiques. The other different thing in Paris than any other countries is that Paris has so many old-fashioned buildings which are well-maintained. These buildings are utilized as the museums, galleries, shops, and the other important businesses in life.

30 million visitors each year makes Paris the most popular destination for vacation. There are three most famous landmarks in Paris including Notre Dame de Paris, Arc de Triumph, and the Eiffel. These three landmarks become the main goals of most visitors coming to Paris. The Eiffel Tower alone invites 6 million tourists per year to come to Paris. The other top destinations for tourists are Disneyland Paris, the Louvre Museum, one of the largest museum in the world which has the collections of many famous art works, and Basilique du Sacr?-Coeur.

Arc de Triumph

For those looking for entertainment in Paris, there are some Opera building, theater, dance club, and cinemas. Garnier Opera is the largest Opera building in Paris which used to held ballet performances and classical opera. Most restaurant in Paris has romantic atmosphere and decoration completed with high-class cuisines and the sounds of violins. Considering this romantic situation situated in Paris, no wonder that newlyweds from different countries make Paris as their honeymoon destinations.

Visiting Paris for the honeymoon, you’d better take a romantic cruise. The cruise, in the form of glass boat, also serves some delicious cuisines as well as some wonderful shows. The cruise sails in Seine Rivers, and while it is sailing, a great view of Eiffel Tower can be seen. The sailing is usually slow and smooth that the passengers can hardly feel the cruise moving. Before the romantic moment in the cruise is over, one cruise host serves you with deluxe champagne to complete the wonderful night on the cruise.

Cruise in France