iFly Singapore makes people’s dream of flying freely without the help of any aids come true. It is the world’s largest wind tunnel with 5 meters width and 17 meters high that enables the visitors to fly or skydive inside. US$25 million was spent to build this skydiving simulator, and it has just been opened for public in April 2011. People may wonder how this wind tunnel operates that it can bring solid people fly high without any parachutes, hang gliding, or whatever. iFly Singapore has certainly found the technology which makes such thing possible.

iFly Singapore


As a matter of fact, the visitors have to fulfilled certain criteria before they experience this free-aids floating sensation. Here are the main criteria to enter iFly Singapore wind tunnel.

1. Less than 120kg weight (under the height of 1.8m) or less than 140kg (above the height of 1.8m)
2. More than 7 years old (below 7 should call the officer)
3. Not in the state of pregnant
4. Not under the alcohols’ or drugs’ influence
5. Wear the helmet
6. Sign the form (parent’s signature for people below 18)

These criteria are imposed to guarantee the visitors’ safety inside the wind tunnel.

Other provisions to get inside

First timers should notice that they need to come at least one and a half hour early before experience the attraction. This 1.5 hour is used to train and guide them about the right way to move, fly, and skydive inside the tunnel because it is in fact quite complicated. Getting inside the tunnel without training first can be fatal for the visitors may get injured because the speed of the wind inside the tunnel reaches up to 300 km/h. Any wrong movement in that speed of wind may cause some legs or arms strain for careless people ignoring to have the training session.

In order to fly freely in iFly, an entrance fee should be paid. It starts from $69 until $79 for children and $125 until $145 for adults – all considered as first timers. Other packages for the return and expert fliers are available in cheaper prices, but these packages are offered only to the visitors having tried first timers package before and willing to have a flying test.

In nowhere else people are able to fly high freely besides in iFly Singapore, the first and the biggest indoor skydiving simulator in the world.