One of the largest zoos in the World, San Diego Zoo is located in one glamorous city in US – San Diego. This zoo is divided into nine territories consisting of different species of animals according to their region of origin. The territories are Discovery Outpost, Lost Forest, Asian Passage, Panda Canyon, Polar Rim, Elephant Odyssey, Urban Jungle, African Rocks, and the Outback. Five of the sections consist of only one animals exhibit while the others have three until fourteen animals exhibits for each section.

Giant Panda and Polar Bear

The most interesting animals found in San Diego Zoo are polar bear and giant panda. Even though it seems impossible to see a polar bear in a such warm place like San Diego, in fact the polar beer exists in San Diego Zoo. A special cool spot was built for the polar bear to enable the visitors see a polar bear without go to the pole. The same thing goes for the giant panda which has a special place full of bamboo in San Diego Zoo just like its natural habitat in China.

San Diego Zoo offers special experiences including Tours and Animals Interaction, Educational Program, Sleepover, and Catering & Group Events to the visitors like no other zoos in the world. During the Tours and Animals Interaction, visitors can pass through a backstage where they can meet the unique and cute animals showing their performances. They are also able to observe the way the caretaker of the animals feed and take care of the animals. In the Education Program, children and adult can observe the cute, yet peculiar animals as well as learn about the unknown things about the animals. The Sleepover program is suitable for those who prefer to spend the night inside the zoo by camping. This program starts at 4pm until 9pm; then, the following day, the visitors are given breakfast, snacks, and drinks to start their adventurous day in the zoo. On Halloween day, the sleepover program is much more scary because the place for camping is designed with some spooky Halloween decoration.

Halloween Decoration in San Diego

The ticket to enter San Diego zoo ranges from $30 for children from 3 until 11 years old and $40 for everyone above 11. The ticket is valid for one day visit only. Those who want to spend two or more days at San Diego zoo should buy Multi-Day and Multi-Park ticket with higher prices. The zoo also provides two choices of hotels – Embassy Suites San Diego Bay, Downtown and Town and Country Resort and Convention Center – for the tourists with the room rates start from $89 per day.