Indonesia is probably the least-explored tourism site in Southeast Asia considering that there are 17,000 islands lying through this country. Even the 60-days visa for tourist won’t be enough to go round all of the islands in Indonesia. Yet, with a little effort and patience, visitors will find a truly amazing experience of visiting a place like no others in the world. As an advantage, there aren’t many tourists have ever been in the wonderful secluded islands in Indonesia, so visitors may feel like being in their very own island. Only a few travel agent provides touring packages in these secluded islands; as a result, some of the tourists prefer to reach the islands by backpacking. Some useful tips for backpacking in some islands of Indonesia are provided in the following paragraph.

Beach in Indonesia

Decide where to go in Indonesia

With a wide range of choices, it is quite difficult to decide which places to be visited in Indonesia especially with limited-day visa. People may determine their choice of places by considering what kind of place they really want to visit. For those interested in diving in such a quite and peaceful sea without surrounded by the crowd, Raja Ampat in Papua makes the best place. While people seeking the land full the greenish landscape of rice field and have various unique cultures and traditions can direct into the island of Java where the largest Buddhist temple – Borobudur – exists. Bali is the best option for the ones wishing to sight a great sunset view on the beach as well as many traditional performances. As for people wanting to see the famous Komodo Dragons in their natural habitats can get straight to Komodo National Park, where magnificent diving sports can also be found. Different places in Indonesia offer different attractions to fulfill everyone’s desires.

Borobudur Temple

Things to Consider while Backpacking in Indonesia

People can easily find the ATM in many big cities of Indonesia, but it is quite troublesome to find one in small villages or any secluded islands. Anyone wishing to visit those places are better to take some or more cash while they are still in big cities. Then, the transportation around Java, Bali, and Sumatra is well-establish and easy to get, but some areas are quite difficult to reach. One way to reach certain island in Indonesia is by boats or cruise vessels. Some islands in Indonesia are uncovered by the internet network, so the ones who really need the internet are better to stay in the well-established tourism sites like Bali, Bunaken, or Lake Toba. The last one, shopping in the street markets available in many places in Indonesia requires buyers to bargain otherwise they may get much higher prices than they should be.

Backpackers in Indonesia

Hopefully those tips above are useful for anyone planning to discover wonderful places in Indonesia by backpacking. For going backpacking without careful planning may get people nothing but tiring and miserable journey.