International Students’ Day

International Students’ Day is an international commemoration for student community around the world. It is observed on 17 November to commemorate the execution of 9 students and professors as well as the sending of about 1,200 students to concentration camps by the Nazi.

When is International Students’ Day 2013?
International Students’ Day 2013 falls on Sunday, 17 November 2013.

When is International Students’ Day 2014?
International Students’ Day 2014 falls on Monday, 17 November 2014.

Origin of International Students’ Day

The origin of International Students’ Day dates back to year 1939 when Nazi stormed the University of Prague. Nazi’s storming was caused by students’ demonstration against the occupation of Czechoslovakia as well as protest against the killing of a student Jan Opletal and a worker Vadclav Sedlacek.

However, the demonstration only led to stricter measures by Nazi with the closing of all higher educations in Czechoslovakia and the execution of 9 students and professors without trial on 17 November 1939. The day is then commemorated as the International Students Day by some universities around the world.

International Students’ Day Celebration

International Students’ Day is mostly celebrated in some Universities in Europe. On this special commemoration, many events are organized with the focus on the history of students’ movements and their significance in today’s education. Usually, a number of students from 30 countries are chosen to represent national students and student unions to organize the celebration of International Students’ Day.

Happy Students Day 2013 !