Iqbal Day

Iqbal Day or Birthday of Muhammad Iqbal is a national holiday in Pakistan to celebrate the birthday of Sir Muhammad Iqbal – a famous philosopher and poet from Pakistan. People in Pakistan observe Iqbal Day on 9 November every year. Muhammad Iqbal was also considered as the one who inspired Pakistan Movement.

When is Iqbal Day 2013?
Iqbal Day 2013 falls on Saturday, 9 November 2013.

When is Iqbal Day 2014?
Iqbal Day 2014 falls on Sunday, 9 November 2014.

The Origin of Iqbal Day
Sir Muhammad Iqbal or Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a very famous poet and philosopher born in Sialkot, Pakistan, on 9 November 1877. He discovered Urdu poetry on the age of 24. People in Pakistan consider him as one of the greatest poet while the government of Pakistan acknowledge him as a national poet of Pakistan. To honor Muhammad Iqbal and commemorate all of his contributions in poetry, after the death of Muhammad Iqbal, his birthday is observed as one of Pakistan national holidays.

Iqbal Day 2013 Celebration
Birthday of Muhammad Iqbal is celebrated throughout Pakistan. During this day, Muhammad Iqbal’s life and achievement are being shown by many educational institutions. Furthermore, one Pakistan National Museum in Karachi usually displays some belongings of Muhammad Iqbal such as clothes, books, many of his works.

At the mausoleum of Muhammad Iqbal, a change of guards ceremony takes place. Many Pakistani people including government and political officials pay a visit to this mausoleum to pray for Muhammad Iqbal and lay some wreaths. These activities are carried out to show respects to one of the greatest poets in Pakistan.

Happy Iqbal Day 2013 !