Universal Orlando Resort in Florida can be the best choice to spend your summer vacation. As the second largest theme park in the world, Universal Orlando provides a great number of attractions appropriate for people in all ages. The newest attraction built in this theme park is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter inspired by the best-seller novel titled Harry Potter written by Joanne Kathleen Rowling. With this new attraction, the Universal Orlando Resort will undoubtedly attract millions Harry Potter fans to come and visit the theme park.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Having some thriller attractions as well as some cute and delightful arenas make the Universal Orlando Resort an ideal place for everyone. The theme park has more than 25 rides, both thriller and cute ones, dozen of shows, plenty of hotels, shops, restaurants, and events. Moreover, it also offers vacation packages for those who would like to spend a couple of days and nights in the studio. Harry Potter fans can choose the Harry Potter vacation packages which has just been added as one of the feature of vacation packages in the Universal Orlando Resort. Some rides in the Universal Orlando Resort also receive award for the attractive and magnificent experience provided by the rides, some of the rides are The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, The Simpson’s Rides, and Revenge of the Mummy. All of the rides create unforgettable moment that cannot be found in the other theme parks.

The Simpsons Ride

The fee for the tickets ranges from $79 until $143 for children and $85 until $156 for adult depend on how many parks the visitors would like to enter and how many days the visitors would like to spend. There is also a special offer to get a free access to the theme park for 14 days, and you just need to spend about $175. In some events like Halloween, Christmast, or Easter, the theme park gives another special offers as well as holds a kind of festival inside the park. The amusement, joy, and excitement being offered in Universal Orlando Resort cannot be offered by any other theme park.