Jurong Bird Park is house for more than 9,000 birds in Singapore. Located in the center of Singapore’s business area, Jurong Bird Park is like a paradise in the middle of hectic situation. It provides the visitors with more than 15 attractions, 9 highlights, and many bird shows. Some cafes, restaurants, and shopping places completed with bird-theme design are available for both local and international tourists.

Jurong Bird Park

One fascinating attraction in Jurong Bird Park is the World of Darkness which enables the visitors to see nocturnal birds like owls. Built in 1982, World of Darkness in Jurong Bird Park became the first nocturnal birds’ house in Asia. Being in World of Darkness, people may feel like day becomes night because of the darkness inside. People are able to see the owls, the most kind of birds found in this place, hunt their preys in the darkness. The owls can easily hunt in the darkness since they have extremely good sights and hearings which enables them to see and hear their preys at night. The other kinds of birds exist in the World of Darkness are certain kinds of herons, curlews, and ducks.

The other attraction which can hardly be found in other places are Penguin Coast and Parrot Paradise. In the Penguin Coast, people can see many kinds of penguins along with their unique activities without go to the polar. People can also watch the penguin’s feeding in 10.30am and 3.30pm to give them information about the penguin’s feeding habits. The other place, Parrot Paradise has 92 species of colorful parrots which makes this place possess the largest collection of parrots in Asia. Parrots are famous for their ability to imitate human’s sound and their beautiful plumage color. Since some species of parrots are critically endangered, Parrot Paradise in Jurong Bird Park gives contribution to the world to save such beautiful creatures from the extinction.
Penguin Coast at Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is not only an ideal place to see the birds in their natural-like habitats, but also to enjoy some kinds of bird’s shows and attraction. The shows held in Jurong Bird Park includes Birds and Buddies Show, Kings of the Skies Show, and Lunch with Parrots. The other interesting attractions are the feeding of some unique fowls such as pelicans, penguins, ostriches, and lories which can be seen twice a day. Visiting Jurong Bird Park makes the visitors forget their rush and hectic days in their daily lives.