Korea Formula One Grand Prix 2013

Korea F1 Grand Prix 2013 is going to be held in less than a month. The would-be-spectators probably get less and less patient to witness this popular Grand Prix in the country which is currently famous for its technology, gadgets, dramas, girl bands and boy bands.

Korea Formula One Grand Prix 2013 Date
When is Korea Formula One 2013?

According to the 2013 F1 calendar featured in the official Formula One website, Korea Formula One Grand Prix 2012 will be held on Sunday, 6 October 2013.
Commonly, there will be 3 days event as follow:

  • Day One : Friday, 4 October 2013 – Practice Day
  • Day Two : Saturday, 5 October 2013 – Practice and Qualifying Day
  • Day Three : Sunday, 6 October 2013 – Race Day

Korea Formula One 2013 Circuit
Where is Korea Formula One 2013 held?
The F1 Korean Grand Prix is going to be held on Korean International Circuit in Yeongam, South Jeolla, South Korea. This 5.62 kilometers (3.49 miles) circuit was constructed to be one of Formula One circuits on 2 September 2009. The construction was planned to finish on 5 July 2012, but the circuit was opened on 5 September 2012.

Korean International Circuit held its first Formula One Grand Prix on 24 October 2010, the 17th of 19 Formula One Grand Prix on that season. Formerly, many people doubt that the circuit would be ready to hold 2010 Korean Formula One Grand Prix since excessive rainfall hampered the construction and delayed the soil improvement. In the end, the circuit held the F1 Korean Grand Prix 2010 although some of its facilities weren’t finished yet.

In its first time hosting the Formula One Grand Prix, the circuit was not perfect yet. Some racers considered the circuit dangerous with problems in certain parts of the track. Thus, the circuit underwent several improvements to bec a better F1 Grand Prix host in the following year. Currently, Korean International Circuit has 18 numbers of turns which are more secure than before.

There are two parts of Korean International Circuit, one part permanent and the other one temporary. The temporary part is located along the harbor side of Yeongam, and it consists of shops, cafes, restaurants, and exhibition facilities which are changed into the pit lane during the F1 Grand Prix week end. The spectators are able to view the race from the yachts, walkways, or hotels around the circuit. Overall, Korean International Circuit can accommodate up to 135,000 spectators.

Hotels Near Korea Formula One 2013 Circuit
Where to stay during Korea Formula One 2012?

It has been quite an issue that the location of Korean F1 Grand Prix circuit is very far from the main international airport. Visitors have to travel for about 4 hours to cover more than 400 km from the Incheon International Airport to Korean International Circuit. Yet, the circuit is close to Yeongam city center and a number of hotels and motels to accommodate the visitors is available in the city. Here is the list of hotels available in Yeongam and its surrounding areas.

Korea Formula One 2013 Ticket

Where to buy Korea Formula One 2013 tickets?

Ticket for Korea Formula One 2013 is available online on the official Formula One website. The tickets are also available offline on the circuit at some counters outside the track.

Enjoy Korean F1 2013 !