Korean Memorial Day

Korean Memorial Day or Hyeongchun-il is a public holiday in South Korea to remember those who died while serving the country during wars. The day is observed on June 6 every year by people throughout South Korea. During Korean Memorial Day, a memorial ceremony is held, and people raise Korea national flag on half-staff.

When is Korean Memorial Day 2014?
Korean Memorial Day 2014 falls on Friday, 6 June 2014.

When is Korean Memorial Day 2015?
Korean Memorial Day 2015 falls on Saturday, 6 June 2015.

Traditions of Korean Memorial Day
People in South Korea observe Korean Memorial Day as a public holiday on June 6 every year. Usually, people commemorate the date by visiting National Cemetery in Seoul where many Korean soldiers who died during wars lie down. Beside each grave, tiny national flag of Korea is plugged, and flowers, foods, and drinks are also offered.

Since the year 1956, a memorial ceremony is held in the National Cemetery during Korean Memorial Day every year. On that day at 10 am, most Korean people have a silence prayer for about 10 minutes to remember the merit of all soldiers who lost their lives while giving service to the country.

The moment to have a silence prayer is marked by sirens ringing throughout the country. During Korean Memorial Day, people also raise Korean national flag at half-staff.

Happy Korean Memorial Day 2014 !