Krakatoa Festival, held to commemorate the super eruption Mt. Krakatoa in 1883, is going to be held on October 12 until October 16 this year – 2011. This annual festival takes place in Mt. Anak Krakatoa – the leftover mound of Mt. Krakatoa – and also in Lampung, a province where Mt. Anak Krakatoa is located. Series of attractions are prepared to celebrate Krakatoa Festival; some of them are traditional arts and dance from Lampung as well as carnival and parade. Unlike the previous years ago, Krakatoa festival this year is managed to attract tourists and local villagers in addition to the ambassadors and officers.


People started to celebrate Krakatoa Festival to commemorate the great disaster of Mt. Krakatoa’s eruption in 1883. So great of the eruption that the sound could be heard from the distance of 5,000 kilometers, and the volcanic ashes reached up to the US. Nearly 40,000 people died due to the eruption, and it was such a great number considering that only a few people lived around the mountain at that time. The eruption of Mt. Krakatoa was 13 thousand times stronger than the atomic bomb destroying Hiroshima during War World II period. In order to remind people about the existence of such a great disaster and to honor the victims of Mt. Krakatoa’s eruption, this Krakatoa Festival is held every year.

Mt. Anak Krakatoa


The upcoming Krakatoa festival will be held for 5 continuous days, from 12-16 October 2011. Starting from the first day, some attractions are prepared to enliven the festival e.g. groups of traditional dancers, mask parades, carnivals, and elephants performance. In the fourth day, the festival is celebrated in Mt. Anak Krakatoa, and the visitors can reach the mountain by ferries from Bakauheni port. The entry ticket is required to attend the festival because the capacity of the ferries are limited. Celebrating Krakatoa festival in Mt. Anak Krakatoa will be both enticing and thrilling because the mountain is still active until recently. Aside from these attractions, some hotels, restaurants, and stores surrounding the mountain also organize several competitions including photograph competitions, painting exhibitions, art contests, paragliding, free style shows, and many more.

traditional dance in Krakatoa festival

Seeing that there are too many attractions, exhibitions, and competitions, staying for a whole week during the festival seems not enough to view all of them.