Lemon Festival – It’s All Yellow and Orange
The very bright colors of yellow and orange are going to garnish the city of Menton, France because the Lemon Festival 2014 or Fête du Citron 2014 will be held. This lemon festival has been held for 80 years and the next 2014 will be the 81th festival in which 145 tons of citruses and oranges are utilized to make gigantic sculptures in the form of animals, knights, and buildings.

Menton Lemon Festival

Some people may assume this festival as a huge waste of fruits, but people in Menton think of it as delightful moments where great arts are shown. In 2011, this festival succeeded in gathering 250,000 people in the middle of Menton city to observe the great yellowish sculptures of citruses and oranges.

When is Lemon Festival / Fête du Citron 2014?
Lemon Festival / Fête du Citron 2013 will be held from Saturday, 16 February 2014 to Wednesday, 6 March 2014.

Lemon Festival Celebration
In 2012, the festivals invite 7,000 professional artists to form the citruses into gigantic sculptures. About EUR9 until EUR23 should be paid by the visitors to get involve in this sweet-smell festival. In the forthcoming Menton Lemon Festival, many kinds of parades will be organized; some of them are the Parade of Golden Fruit and the Moonlit Parade. By the end of the Moonlit Parade, beautiful fireworks will be set to enliven the night of the festival. Besides the parades, the visitors will also be able to attend a Citrus Exhibition and the Garden of Light, a square illuminated by colorful light at night.

To attend the parades and many other attractions in the Menton Lemon Festival, an entrance ticket is required. The price of entrance ticket to the Menton Lemon Festival ranges from EUR9 until EUR23 depending on the facilities given and the number of attractions the visitors wish to attend. The ticket to view the parades while standing will be much cheaper than sitting (9 ? for standing ticket and 17 ? for the sitting ticket), and another entrance fee is required to attend the citrus exhibition. The ticket prices will be less expensive if the visitors come in a group of 20 or more people. Although the ticket prices are quite expensive, it doesn’t lower people’s desire to visit the unique Menton Lemon Festival.

Enjoy Lemon Festival 2014 !