Mahal Na Araw

Mahal Na Araw is a very significant religious festival in the Philippines and is the probably the most important public holiday in this predominantly Catholics country. Mahal Na Araw (literally means Holy Days) celebrates the Christian Holy Week preceding the Easter.

When is Mahal Na Araw 2014?
Mahal Na Araw 2014 will be celebrated from Palm Sunday 2014 (Sunday, 13 April 2014) till Black Saturday 2014 (Saturday, 19 April 2014)

Mahal Na Araw 2014 Celebrations
During Mahal Na Araw 2014, and specially starting from Huwebes Santo (Maundy Thursday), business in Philippines will be closed, and will open again only after Easter.

Filipino will gather in churches and attend special church services during these few days of Mahal Na Araw 2014.

There are also processions in some part of Philippines symbolizing of the Passion of Christ.

Since Mahal Na Araw 2014 represent days-long holiday, in recent years many Filipino opt to travel, either to overseas or to domestic destinations such as Boracay Island.

Have a good celebration of Mahal Na Araw 2014 !