MassKara Festival 2013
The name Masskara Festival is taken from the word ‘mass’ means crowd, and ‘kara’ means for face, so MassKara means crowded for face or masks for many faces. People celebrate the MassKara festival by wearing smiling-faced masks, colorful costumes, and unique accessories, while parading and dancing on the streets in Bacolod, Philippines. This festival contains a message about being happy although in the toughest state of life.

MassKara 2013 Festival

When is MassKara Festival 2013
MassKara festival 2013 will be held from Saturday, 19 October 2013 until Sunday, 20 October 2013.

MassKara Festival History
The history of MassKara Festival began in 1980 when the villagers in Bacolod suffering an economical crisis. The main livelihood of people in Bacolod is sugar-farmer while the price of sugar was very low at that time due to the inventation of fructose corn syrup in US. In addition to the crisis economy, many people in Bacolod lost their families because the sinking of Don Juan’s ship in 1980. About 700 Philippines people, including Bacolod villagers were on the ship at that grievest period in Philippines. In order to resist the sorrow, the local government together with the villagers held a festival of smiles in the hope that the city could always be tough and able to resist even the hardest moment in life.

MassKara Festival

MassKara Festival 2013 Celebration
The spirit of people to endure the sorrow can be seen through MassKara festival. From the view of an outsider, there is only happiness and cheerful in the festival portrayed in the smiling-faced masks worn by the people. However, inside the mask, people may endure and struggle because they celebrate and remember the distress moment of the city; at the same time, they have to entertain the visitors of the festival. Now, people seems truly happy in celebrating the MassKara Festival because they are able to smile with or without the masks. The festival itself becomes more and more festive for a huge garden of beer is made in the place where a public plaza usually lies. A kind of street dance contests are also held to appreciate the ones whose costumes and dance are the best.

To sum up, MassKara Festival in Bacolod, Philippines, teach people to keep smiling and cheerful even when they are in the hardest moment of their lives.

Happy MassKara Festival 2013!