Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day is a special horse racing event held annually on the first Tuesday of November in Melbourne, Australia. It is also observed as one of public holidays in Victoria when people are given day off to attend the racing event. Therefore, some people dub Melbourne Cup Day as “the race that stops the nation”.

When is Melbourne Cup Day 2013?
Melbourne Cup Day is observed on the first Tuesday of November every year. Thus, Melbourne Cup Day 2013 falls on Tuesday, 5 November 2013.

When is Melbourne Cup Day 2014?
Melbourne Cup Day 2014 falls on Tuesday, 4 November 2014.

The Origin of Melbourne Cup Day
People in Australia, especially Victoria, started observing Melbourne Cup Day in 1861 when the first Melbourne Cup was held at Flemington Racecourse in Victoria. There are many horse racing cup held in Australia every year, yet, Melbourne Cup Day is acknowledged as the most popular one.

At first, Melbourne Cup Day was observed as a half-day holiday in which businesses and shops are closed at noon. Since the year 1877, the event is acknowledged as a full day holiday for all council areas in Victoria. So popular is Melbourne Cup that it is commercialized as “the race that stop the nation”.

Melbourne Cup Day 2013 Celebration
Melbourne Cup Day is a special day when the most popular thoroughbred horse racing event is held in Flemington Racecourse, Victoria. Every year, this event is able to gather tens or even hundreds thousands people to attend and witness the race directly. Many other people watch this popular horse-race via Television or Internet in their houses. One tempting activity which drags thousands people to watch the race is the gambling. Many people guess the winning horse of the race and bet a lot of money for the horse.

Happy Melbourne Cup Day 2013 !