Constitution Day of Mexico

Constitution Day or Día de la Constitución is a public holiday in Mexico to commemorate the approval of Mexican Constitution by the Constitutional Congress of Mexico on 5 February 1917. People in Mexico celebrates Constitution Day on the first Monday of February every year. Constitution Day marks the important event that framed the background of Mexican political and social movement in the twentieth century.

When is Mexican Constitution Day 2014?
Mexican Constitution Day 2014 falls on Monday, 3 February 2014.

The Origin of Mexican Constitution Day
On 5 February 1917, Political Constitution of the New Mexican States was approved by the Constitutional Congress. The new constitution was believed to have a great impact of the economic and educational reforms in Mexico. It regulated land reform which became the main controversy during Mexican Revolution since 1910. Through the new constitution, the native Mexicans were promised to have their lands restored.

Mexican Constitution Day 2014 Celebration
Since Constitution Day is a public holiday in Mexico, most businesses, schools, banks, and government offices are closed during that day. Parades and festivals are arranged in many cities throughout Mexico. People in Mexico use the day to enjoy the parades and festivals or gather with their family.

The celebration of Constitution Day in Mexico is very festive and joyful, yet, there is a prohibition to sale liquor in many non-tourist areas of Mexico from 2-5 February. This is probably due to the fact that people in Mexico want to keep their mind clear during the celebration of Constitution Day, just like what Mexican people did on the planning and promulgation of Mexican Constitution in 1917.

Happy Mexican Constitution Day 2014 !