As one of the largest cities in the world, Moscow is flooded by visitors from other countries along the year. Theaters, Museums, and parks are the most-visited spots for the tourists in Moscow. The theaters in Moscow were built to show some arts and performances like ballet, drama, and music concert. For centuries, Moscow is very famous for its ballet that people around the world come to Moscow only to enjoy the beautiful performances of the ballet dancers. The museums in Moscow have a large collection of peculiar things while the parks and squares are full of impressive sights of massive middle-aged buildings.

Finding accommodations in Moscow is quite easy for plentiful hotels from the luxurious until the modest ones are available. Those preferring five-star hotel can choose Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, President Hotel, or Peter I Hotel. The services given in this hotel are splendid; consequently, the room rates of the hotels are very much expensive. Visitors who opt to spend the night in a cheaper hotel can select the Izmailovo Alfa Hotel or Cosmos Hotel. The facilities given in both hotels won’t be as complete as the five-star hotel, but visitors will find these hotel comfortable and secure.

President Hotel

People always find it interesting to visit the museums in Moscow since they provide different collections with the other museums in the other countries. The most famous ones are the G-Spot Museums of Erotica and the State Museum of Armed Forces. The G-Spot Museum of Erotica shows over 3,000 collections of sculptures, paintings, dolls, and toys for adults. No kids are allowed to enter this museum because the arts shown in these museum are full of erotic atmosphere. Even though the museum has just been opened for public, many people from every places are interested in visiting it. The State Museum of Armed forces exhibits the history of Russian Army. Inside the museum, some weapons utilized by the Russian Army exist while outside the museum, both air and land vehicles used by the Army occur.

Stated Museum of Armed Forces