Mystery Spot is a mysterious attraction place where gravitation seems null in Santa Cruz, California. Opened in 1940, Mystery Spot has invited a huge number of visitors although the capacity of the place is limited – only about 25 people may enter the place at the same time. In fact, Mystery Spot provides the houses and buildings to create optical illusions to everyone entering the houses. People inside the Mystery Spot will wonder which side the gravitation center is because they are able to stand sideways or even stand firmly on the wall.

The Entrance Gate of Mystery Spot

Knowing the explanation that Mystery Spot actually creates a visual illusion, not a real place without gravitation, people are still eager to visit the place. Most visitors are not able to enter the Mystery Spot without booking the place in advance because of the limited capacity. People can order the ticket online or by the phone calls in order to enter the Mystery Spot. Through this way, the operators will manage the time for the visitors to have a tour inside the Mystery Spot as well as provide the parking space for the ones driving a large vehicle such as bus or truck because the parking lot is also limited.

The tour inside the Mystery Spot is always guided by an operator who explains all of the odd spots and the theories about the origin of Mystery Spot. Some of the explanation includes extraterrestrials and the other mysterious things to publish the place, but people usually believe such explanation after sighting the real wonder inside the place. The strange things like ball rolling from the lower to the higher space, and things are sloping firmly are common views in Mystery Spot.

One Wooden House in Mystery Spot

This unique tourism spot enable the disabled people to take part in the mysterious tour around the area of Mystery Spot by using wheelchairs. Though, such people should be accompanied by at least one or two people seeing that some streets inside the Mystery Spot are quite steep and sometimes slippery after the rain. People who have bought the ticket to join the tour should arrive at the place 30 minutes before the tour starts otherwise they may lose their chance to get involve in the tour. Anyone about to late can contact the operator before the tour starts to reschedule the tour time.