Independence Day in Nigeria

Nigerian Independence Day is observed as a national holiday in Nigeria on October 1, every year. This holiday commemorates the anniversary of Nigeria’s independence from British rule on 1 October 1960. During Nigerian Independence Day, the colors of green and white are displayed throughout the country.

When is Nigerian Independence Day 2013?
Nigerian Independence Day 2013 falls on Tuesday, 1 October 2013.

When is Nigerian Independence Day 2014?
Nigerian Independence Day 2014 falls on Wednesday, 1 October 2014.

Origin of Nigerian Independence Day
Formerly, Nigeria was ruled by Songhai Empire that brought and spread Islamic arts and cultures throughout the countries. With the expansion of British colonial rule in Africa, Nigeria became one of British colonies in the 19th century. The country struggled to gain its independence from the British empire for many decades. It was only on 1 October 1960 that Nigeria gained its freedom from colonialism. Thus, the date is commemorated as Nigerian Independence Day every year.

Nigerian Independence Day Celebration
Since Independence Day is a public holiday in Nigeria, most students and employees enjoy a day off while companies, banks, and government offices are closed, except hospitals and some essential services. Many people use the day to have a quality time with family by going to some places of interest in Nigeria. Some others chose to stay at home and take a rest from their busy daily routines.

During the celebration of Independence Day in Nigeria, some festivals and parades are organized. Many people wear the color of Nigeria’s national flag, green and white; some of them even paint their faces with those colors. The national flags of Nigeria are also raised in many buildings and houses all over Nigeria as a commemoration of Nigerian Independence Day.

Happy Nigerian Independence Day 2013 !