Orthodox Easter

Orthodox Easter or Orthodox Pascha is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus by Orthodox Christians in some countries around the world. It is celebrated on the Third Sunday in the paschal month in lunar calendar which is calendar based on Julian calendar by the Orthodox Christian. In Gregorian calendar, Orthodox Easter is celebrated on Sunday between April and May.

When is Orthodox Easter 2014?
Orthodox Easter 2014 falls on Sunday, 20 April 2014.

Origin of Orthodox Easter 2014
There is no difference between the purpose of Orthodox Easter and the common Easter celebration. Both events are meant to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his death. Orthodox Christians determine their Easter based on Julian calendar which is later than the Gregorian calendar used in many countries around the world. Thus, Orthodox Easter also occurs later than the Easter.

Orthodox Easter Celebration
Many Orthodox Christian consider Easter the most important celebration along the year. Orthodox Easter is commemorated as a public holiday in Russia and Greece, so most employees in those countries are granted a day off while businesses, schools, and government offices are closed.

In Russia, there is a tradition to lay Easter eggs – eggs decorated with colorful paintings – and Easter bread – sweetened communion bread – on the graves of their dead relatives. Easter eggs and Easter bread are also famous as the special Easter dishes together with the lamb.

Happy Orthodox Easter 2014 !