Pakistan Day / Yourn-e-Pakistan

Pakistan Day, also called Pakistan Resolution Day or Republic Day, is a special day celebrated annually on 23 March in Pakistan. The day commemorates Lahore Resolution in 1940 as well as the adoption of Pakistan first constitution. Since Pakistan Day is a public holiday, most schools, banks, government offices, and businesses are closed during the day.

When is Pakistan Day 2014?
Pakistan Day 2014 will be celebrated on Sunday, 23 March 2014.

The Origin of Pakistan Day
At first, Pakistan celebrates 23 March as the commemoration of the adoption of Pakistan first resolution and the declaration of Pakistan as a republic. However, the second President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Ayub Khan, changed the essence of 23 March celebration to commemorate the endorsement of Lahore Resolution by All-India Muslim League in 1940.

Pakistan Day 2014 Celebration
Pakistan Day is celebrated with a full military and civilian parade led by the President of Pakistan in Islamabad. The parade is held early in the morning and toned up with 31-gun salutes. The other parades in the provincial capitals of Pakistan are embellished with 21-gun salutes. After the parade, President of Pakistan usually grant medals and national awards to some awardees.

Schools, banks, government offices, and most businesses are closed during Pakistan Day since it is one of several public holidays in Pakistan. Thus, many people in Pakistan use the day to take a break from their busy days and gather with family. At the mausoleums of two most important figures in Pakistan, Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, some wreaths are laid.

Happy Pakistan Day 2014 !